Super Cheese


Nem tudom, hogy mi a száj mértékegysége, de aki úgy érzi, hogy az övé átlagon aluli, az ne is  próbálkozzon ezzel a szendviccsel. Vertikálisan ijesztő.

Van a buciban két darab hús, ami konkrétan negyed kiló marha. Akad még négy féle sajt is, trappista, 

cheddar, füstölt, meg bacon jam, paradicsom, bbq és baan szósz

English Info: 

A cheesy hamburger for those who like it. To be honest there is nothing innovative about it, we just put together the things we found in the refrigerator. Properly speaking, it was Attila who prepared this hamburger. Neverthless, it is quite good.

I do not know what is the unit of measure for mouth, but if you feel like yours is below average then give up before trying. It is vertically scary.

Between the buns there are 2 pieces of meat, which are alone a quarter kilo of beef. You can find 4 different types of cheeses: trappist, cheddar, smoked and parmesan. Bacon, tomato, bbq and mayonnaise.